Covistone supplies abrasive products and ensures fast processing times thanks to a stock of ready-to-deliver materials.

Founded in 2004 as an internal division of Covis, a leading company in the field of machining and welding processes, Covistone markets products for the waterjet cutting and sandblasting industry. We are direct importers of garnet abrasive sand and we supply spare parts for waterjet machinery. We also provide complementary services such as the collection and disposal of spent materials

What is garnet?

It is a natural odourless mineral with a red, brownish colour. It is safe for the environment and highly resistant, it is chemically inert and non-toxic. It is not radioactive or carcinogenic and complies with the regulations on occupational safety and environmental protection.

Why choose Covistone?

We guarantee a complete service, saving time and money for our customers. We meet the needs of our partners by going beyond the concept of product and focusing on consultancy and assistance throughout all stages of the supply.


A quality product maximises the results by speeding up the machining processes. We use big bags in double-layer propylene which offer excellent protection to the material.


We guarantee fast delivery times thanks to a warehouse stocked with ready-to-deliver materials.


We help our customers by providing a consulting service aimed at creating shared solutions that meets their needs.

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Our abrasive products include the garnet, which guarantees aggressive cleaning and resistant and efficient results in terms of aesthetics, spherical grains made of molten steel, angular grains, iron-free brown corundum, white corundum and glass microspheres.

Abrasive products for water cutting (waterjet)

In addition to the garnet, we also supply spare parts for waterjet machines, such as focusing nozzles, orifices, high pressure pipes and fittings.


We manage the entire supply process guaranteeing a reliable and safe service.

Disposal of used materials

We deal with all stages of the disposal of used material to assist our customers: chemical or physical analysis, transport, certification, completion of forms.

We supply structures for waterjet machines

We supply replacement wear parts and complete structures for waterjet machinery such as sludge removal systems and dosing devices. To facilitate the handling and support of the material, we supply big bag holding structures.


We provide assistance and maintenance on waterjet machinery, including Flow, Tecnocut, KMT and Bohler. Our services also extend to estimates for the movement of machines and the repair of PLC boards and cutting systems.


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