MeshSize range (mm)Applications
12/240.707 - 1.68Processes suitable to obtain a high level of roughness;
Aggressive cleaning on iron: eliminates thick layers of rust, paint and other coatings.
20/400.42 - 0.841Aggressive cleaning of iron with the removal of thick layers of rust or paint or both;

Cleaning of cast iron

Antique-effect treatment on marble.
30/600.25 - 0.60Abrasive cleaning and removal of paint on iron, preparation of metal, SA 2-2.5;

Cast iron cleaning;

Cleaning of hard-wearing concrete and stone.
800.177 - 0.42Paint removal and cleaning of hard wood;

Cleaning of bricks, stones, tiles;
Removal of anti-fouling coatings on boats;
Removal of limescale deposits from any area of the boat;

Removal of residues on iron after laser cutting.
1200.125 - 0.25Selective cleaning, micro-sandblasting and micro air-abrasion on prized stone and wood products; cleans wood and removes paint without affecting or lifting the stressed wood fibres;

Powder grinding of car body parts and motorbike parts and alloy wheel rims;

Surface treatment of stainless steel, aluminium and iron products without creating roughness, very uniform blasting, smooth surface (importance of the appearance);

Removal of graffiti from all opaque surfaces, preserving the surface and previous coating;

Sandblasting of glass and mirrors: very uniform sandblasting with excellent aesthetic results.